Am I like you?

Where does life go when it passes us by? I am always looking at ways to perfect my life, so much that I can’t enjoy my own. My thoughts hold me prisoner. The harder I attempt to rebel, the more I realize I’m never going to escape them. I wonder . . . is it only me? Am I nutty? What does everyone else do? I close my eyes and my mind runs wild. At night my body is so exhausted but my head is just spinning with nonsense. I think about cleaning the kitchen, the family that I don’t get along with, what I should do with my flat, limp hair. I won’t bore you but it goes on forever. That is why I’m here. Perhaps getting my thoughts out here will help me not obsess so much over such insignificant things. Tell me, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts?


~ by Jessica on March 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Am I like you?”

  1. Good start…

  2. Hey jspez888,
    Found your blog … I’m new to this too, (only 2 days old!) so it’s nice to “meet” somebody else who is in the same boat. I took your poll (I obsess about appearance … always trying to lose weight!) but it didn’t seem to accept my response.

    If you have a second, check out my blog SuperPals. I think I’ve exhausted all the traffic I can muster by sending it to my Facebook and Twitter contacts!

    Great start! Have a good day!


  3. what an intro…I must check back to see answers to these questions unfold. Are you alone? No! I think all rational humans share this discontentment, and, perhaps, the key to happiness, ironically, is contentment with whatever, whereever, and whoever we find ourselves. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Sometime, visit my far shallower ramblings!

  4. I like that post it was concise, real and true. I to miss the kick the can, hide and seek, wuffell ball, and snow cone days of my youth. I am however a technofile somewhat and like the instant access to people via the internet, microwave dinners and blue ray widescreen movies.

    I think you can have both, basically we can unplug everything, interact with nature, read a book, take a hike, or do a ton of things that dont have technology involved in them.

    In fact I like to do all those things to unplug from society.

    Good luck with your blog…Now get out there and kick a can.

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